The Great Ocean Road

  1. Greetings from Down Under!

Does time move faster at the other side of the world? Australia has literally turned my life upside down – and somewhere along the way I’ve forgotten FOUR MONTHS have passed since I took off from Glasgow airport…

It’s so strange to think I’m only halfway through my trip!

These few months have been a chaotic mix of flying, backpacking and driving my way through the landscape of ‘Straya. And while I’ve definitely had my share of memorable adventures in my time here, this particular road trip was by far one of my favourites.

The Great Ocean Road


What could be better than being stuck in a van with four other people for hours on end, sleeping in the tent on your roof, breaking said tent while driving (and also your spare tire) and eating the same pasta and sauce everyday out of the tiny ‘kitchen’ cramped into your trunk?

…ok I probably could have made that sound better.

But given the right people, a road trip can be one of the best experiences by far.


Armed with a week’s worth of snacks and a kick-ass playlist, we set off down the Great Ocean Road.

That was, until we ran out of gas… approximately 6 minutes in.

Don’t all adventures start slowly?



Ahem… anyway, our first campsite had a gorgeous view of the sunset over the river.

And as we settled in, grasping our classy mugs of wine and huddled under thick blankets, we started to really appreciate where we were…


…and what great company we were in.

Bright and early the following day, we headed off once more.

And soon we got our first glimpse of the coast – The Grotto


While not particularly touristy, The Grotto was not by any means empty.

Although it probably was before we arrived – it’s hard to melt into a crowd when there are 16 of us…

Astounded by the red rocks around us, we each had our own little photo-shoot – with some of us more absorbed in their photography than others…


As you descend the outdoor staircase past the battering waves and lookouts, you find the hidden Grotto below.

Of course, you can always get tired of waiting for the other tourists to move on…

Ample time for another photo shoot!


AND then you jump in QUICKLY for your photo!

I’ll never tire of travelling with this girl


Next stop: London Bridge

Of course, this was when the wind decided to pick up…


The next leg of our journey was a little longer than before as we headed down to Port Campbell.

This part featured some giant stalactites at one end of the gorge while the other end was bustling with tourists taking in the beautiful blue bay.


Besides being a little too busy for my tastes, this bay was an incredible place to just sit and enjoy the waves.

We honestly spent a little too long there – but can you blame us?


And so, by the time we reached our next stop, the sun was already setting.

But I think that made it better…


Now this place was… FAR too busy.

It was hard to find my friends, it was hard to walk, HECK it was hard to breathe.

I was almost glad to leave – but not before I got my view of the 12 Apostles. Or, what’s left of them after years of erosion.


Our campsite that night was wonderful – by chance we had parked beside another group of tourists from Europe who made for great company.


And so – end of part 1!

I’ll post the rest of the adventure sometime in the next week – this road trip was far too amazing for just one post!!


Until then!!


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