Ronda, Spain

Perhaps one of my most relaxing travels, Ronda is a must for any lover of history, culture and food.


I found the city a strange blend of different atmospheres. In one area, the streets were barely accessible, teeming with tourists and families. And yet, just a few streets over, the city became so quiet and the air grew so still you could hardly hear anything at all.

I couldn’t tell you which part was my favourite. While one was peaceful, calm and relaxing… the other had the best gelato I have ever tasted…


And one area was host to possibly the best desserts in Ronda.

The hardest part of my stay there was deciding which to buy and which to leave behind.


On the first day, we went in search of lunch.

Here in Britain the tapas restaurants are often over-priced and not always the best quality.

And yet, here I was in Spain with tapas a fraction of the price with larger portions and far superior food.


Garlic shrimp, croquetas, paella, meats – all courtesy of the amazing La Alecena.

 Oh, and I happened to try snails for the first time.

26194606_1796236687115144_1742767517_o (1).jpg

An interesting adventure. I would try to explain this dish to you… but it is something you have to taste to understand.

I’m still not entirely convinced I enjoyed it.

I’m also not sure I want to try it again…

The city itself was beautiful, with breathtaking views of the Puente Nuevo, the gorge below, pale blue mountains in the distance and the stretch of farmland in between.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The bridge was outstanding, from above and below.

By day, the sun hit the rocks and the entire hill top was golden.

And by night, the lights of the city illuminated the bridge, so it shown like a beacon.


Initially, this trip had been solely due to a family wedding in Ronda.

But ultimately, the lure of a relaxing holiday in Spain had been too much. And so we extended our holiday.

By a few days.

Quite a few days, really.


We had ample time to cook our own food by our outdoor grill.

Watching my sister spatchcock chickens for the first time was probably the highlight of my holiday.

Extremely delicious, by the way.

But the process was amazing.


And our final adventure was a fitting end to the trip.

Destination weddings are often categorized as selfish and conceited. But done properly, a wedding over-seas can be an incredible experience.

Ronda Mountain Resort is located literally in the middle of nowhere, amidst sparse farmland and rough hills.


A beautiful ceremony, to say the least.

The hot and desolate landscape is offset by the verdant resort, decorated entirely in white.

The swimming pool didn’t hurt either.


An incredible resort, and a beautiful location for a wedding.

There are a few times in our lives where we pause for a second and appreciate the scene around us, really take it in and create a treasured moment in time.

Staring out at the jagged mountains, standing over the dry fields, sunlight seeping into my skin with the happy voices of my family celebrating behind me – for me, this is one of those moments.

 Until next time, Spain.

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