Clean Eating: Make it Fun

Eating clean is by far one of the hardest things to do.

If you aren’t munching through something green or exercising non-stop, you feel like you’re failing.

So after years of this, I’ve decided to give it another go while tracking the food element on my blog.

And it isn’t easy.

I hate this.

That being said, I actually found plenty of fun ways to eat clean. I’ve been experimenting with alternatives to certain foods, working meal by meal throughout my day…



19048397_1551586174913531_554093651_o (1)
A ‘Hearty’ Breakfast… I’m sorry

The most important meal of the day, many people decide to skip this while dieting. I won’t lie, I was half-tempted as well, but long term there were more setbacks than benefits.

Instead, I opted for fun breakfasts. You see, I realised that eating food was about more than the goal, but the journey. By making my food more fun, like my ‘hearty’ egg and toast, I enjoyed eating it more.

And I didn’t have to cut a lot of food out of my diet, but ate less of it. That way I was still finding pleasure in my food.


A big part of my lunch-time struggle came from not knowing what to eat. I would look in the fridge for about 20 minutes before deciding, and it would almost always be bad for me.


19072962_1551586128246869_110045688_o (1)
Pak Choi ❤

I remember walking to the local supermarket one day and forcing myself into the vegetable isle. I picked one leafy veg, which was Pak Choi. I had cooked it before but never had it raw, so decided to try something new.


I piled some radishes and onion on top with lemon chicken (literally just chicken pan-fried with lemon juice) and I now have one of my favourite meals. Experiment guys! A lot of good can come from it!




19048399_1551586041580211_783984417_o (1).jpg
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I have been slightly more flexible with dinner.


Although I try to eat less carbs and increase my veg intake, I found that eating clean during the day and in moderation at night, I can maintain a healthy diet.

I’ve also tried to stay away from heavier meats such as lamb and pork. I’ve cut down on dairy as well.



It’s been hard but I’m staying true. The hardest part has been snacking and waiting until meal-times to eat.

If I stray from the path I try to eat vegetables or nuts for my snacks…

..but we all make mistakes 😉


Comment your healthy eating stories or any advice below!



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6 thoughts on “Clean Eating: Make it Fun

  1. Clean Eating can be crazy easy! Check out my blog if you’d like it’s for all us normal folks trying to eat clean who don’t identify with the Gwenyth Platrow types 😂 I am going to follow your blog I can’t wait to see how this goes for you 😄

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