Smooth waves, sunny skies and soft scoop…

Having never been to Malta before, I had no expectations whatsoever about the country prior to my visit. During my time there, I found the island to be historically rich, with a culture heavily influenced by various countries which had occupied Malta at some time or another. I also had an amazing time sampling the food…

While visiting Mdina, an ancient city dating back to the 8th century, I experienced a few new foods. One such food that stood out was Ftira, traditional Maltese bread. My Ftira 18452249_1518468864891929_1246488470_o (1).jpgwas served sandwich style with chicken, salad and herb sauce. Interestingly, the McDonalds in Malta also served Ftira… however I would still recommend Mdina’s version.

We also sampled a variety of meats. While in Bugiba, I tried different cold meats and hot meats, but the shining star was the portion of ribs with sticky sauce. You see, I have had my fair share of ribs in my time, but none quite like these. The meat on the bone – endless. The sticky sauce – delicious. and the combination of the two made these the best ribs I have ever had. What I would give to have those ribs again…

The last thing I would mention is the ice cream. Now of course, like many warm countries, the ice cream was in great supply. But as an intense ice cream lover, excluding them from this 18450039_1518468834891932_1512580749_n.jpgarticle would be scandalous. There was ice cream everywhere in Malta. Specifically, there was always pistachio ice cream in Malta. Which meant I was always happy in Malta. The best ice cream shop I found there was in Gozo, the island north of Malta. There was a tiny ice cream shop there which a waiter had recommended for me. The ice cream was oh. so. creamy. The creamiest ice cream I have ever had. Lacking slightly in flavour but oh the creamy-ness. Amazing.

I feel bad for not mentioning any shellfish or fish-related food in this segment. But my stomach was slightly off during the trip, and my one regret is not feeling secure enough to try any. I will say that there was A LOT of fishing going on. And there was fresh fish being sold EVERYWHERE. If I ever get the opportunity to return, I would jump on those oysters in a flash…18451820_1518468828225266_2044415605_o

Malta is an amazing island and I fully endorse any thoughts you may have on travelling there. The entire island is overflowing with beauty, from its history to culture to food.

Velvet Spice








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