Queen of Tarts

Found this gem in the great city of Dublin, Ireland

I later found out that there are actually two of these cute cafes in the city. I happened to visit the smaller of the two – and I strongly recommend it to others

Located on a bustling main road, this quaint red store manages to hide and yet stick out like a sore thumb. And while small, this café possesses an undeniable charm.

18362547_1513239668748182_1592927886_oThe café offered different herbal teas and coffee, tarts, cakes, desserts and (of course) breakfast food. Amazing.

In my opinion, if a café or restaurant’s menu makes your decision hard, its the place for you. In this circumstance, I had to ask the waiter to return in 5 minutes… let just say more than once.

I eventually settled for the Chocolate and Pear Almond Tart. I was not disappointed. Rich, but not heavy, flavoursome but subtle. I’ll say it again – amazing.

This is one café that I would heavily recommend anyone staying in Dublin should visit. As you eat, you can get a fantastic view of a city monument, and may even spot a cavalry re-enactment.

Velvet Spice

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