The Horizontal Slide…

I did it!!!

I set up my own website, finally!

It’s the little things, really.

For years now, I’ve been creating and editing night after night after night… to be perfectly honest, for a while there I was sure nothing would come of it.

And then, last week, I realised there was nothing left to edit.

And so, I’ve finally published a site. Well, a beta for the main site – but hey!

Progress is progress!!

22243914_1688642654541215_493749295_oThe first post is based around the rise of stress in my life and how I’ve coped with it.

Well, ‘cope’ is a subjective term.

How I’ve ‘pushed it to the back of my mind and decided to spend all my time eating and backing instead’ is more truthful.

The second post, published just today, centres around how to spend an entire day in Glasgow’s city centre without spending a single penny.

Yep, that’s me!

Cheapest foodie in the whole of Scotland.

And now, you can be too!22426041_1695410313864449_1661871855_o.jpg

So, if you’re a fan of my posts and want to see more, please follow my link!!

It also ties in to some university work I’m currently carrying out… so your views can literally help me get a degree. My future is in your hands.

Of course, I’ll still be posting here, but my beta site will decide what’s going to happen later.

Give it a look, don’t be afraid to comment and let me know what you think – I’ll see you all next time!



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