Pommes Frites

Not your average chip shop…

If you find yourself walking the streets of Glasgow late at night with your stomach moaning at you, give this place a try. It’s no culinary revelation, but it is filling and will leave you feeling tremendously satisfied.

Located on Sauchiehall street, near many of Glasgow’s night clubs and bars, Pommes Frites is very aptly situated. And open nearly all day…


The chips come with varying seasonings and mayo. The seasonings were outstanding. We chose chilli garlic and piri piri seasonings for ours. We regretted NOTHING.

…However, the mayo was a different story. Our mayo was presented in a single thick dollop atop our chips. It lacked any flavour and put me off my chips. Stick to the seasoning, guys. Stick to the seasoning.


I guess after a night out the mayo would be tolerable. But for the few sober among us, listen to my words of wisdom: there are some amazing seasoned chips on offer here. I fully recommend these chips… just ‘sans mayo.’



Velvet Spice




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