Mushroom Crostini

So I’ve been experimenting with mushrooms…

I recently visited a restaurant in Glasgow where the mushroom crostini was…less than adequate. Too slimy, flavourless andΒ so overloaded with oil that the bread was soggy.

So I decided to see if I could make it better. The ones I had were roughly Β£6 for a small plate… my version cost under Β£3 for a much larger portion.

When I first started experimenting, 18427023_1518645728207576_163316816_o.jpgit was to flavour mushrooms in a vegetable spaghetti. I cooked the mushrooms separately with some broccoli before adding itΒ to the pasta – and they tasted FAR better than I thought they would. The recipe I used for the crostini was based on this.

I didn’t use oil to fry the mushrooms, as I’ve started to hate the taste of olive oil. Instead, I fried some garlic in butter for a few minutes then added the mushrooms until they were 3/4 way cooked. I then boiled some water and stirred in some chicken stock. I poured this into the pan and let it simmer, adding some pepper here. After the water had all been evaporated, I stirred in fresh parsley. Then layered the mushroom mix atop the toasted bread.

I love mushrooms but these crostinis were something else for me. Miles better than the restaurant ones I had regretted so much and half the price. Let me know your mushroom stories!



Velvet Spice





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