A treasure, hidden in plain sight

I’ve eaten a lot of food in different places over the years, and most of it has been amazing. But to be honest, I rarely believe that the food is worth the money. Most of the restaurants and cafés I have visited overprice their meals. £20 for a dinner? I can feed two families with that money, and often with better results.

And yet, I found this hard to say with Chaophraya. And their price range was way higher than I’m used to.

The service was impeccable. The food, delicious. The price…scary, but earned. But the greatest spectacle of the evening came with dessert: a chocolate egg hiding ice cream, sitting atop meringue. The chef himself appeared with a pan of boiling sauce to melt the egg. Perhaps not a major event, but impressive and the effort was commendable.


For those visiting Glasgow, I highly recommend this gem. Maybe not the most Scottish restaurant in the world, but definitely a treasured experience.



Velvet Spice


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